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William Mulholland and Thirsty City

A one hour interactive theatre assembly in which seasoned teaching artists engage the audience in a living history lesson. Students fo back in time to help William Mulholland overcome the many obstacles he faced in bringing water nearly 300 miles to the community of early 20th century Los Angeles.

Conservation RapTOW
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The Water Wizard and The Foolish Man

An arts education touring production geared for first, second, and third grade elementary school students. It consists of 50 minute assemble program performed by seasoned teaching artists who take the students on a journey that follows water as it descends from the clouds, down onto the land, through creek beds, streams, rivers, and pipes into hydro electric and water purification plants.

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Native Beginnings

A program where teaching artist David Guerrea invites students to join him in recreating four stories Native American folklore. Tribal groups represented include California's own Tongva, the Navajo, the Hopi, and the Lakota Sioux.  Students sit around a camp fire with a Tribal Elder to gain wisdom and enjoy tribal camaraderie. They learn the chants and traditions of each tribe, and each individual story represents a specific Native American culture with a different perspective on Earth's  creation.

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Water WiseTOW
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Save It NowTOW
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